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Throughout the porphyrin literature there is a strong tendency, generally caused by solubility considerations, to compare the spectra of porphyrins in neutral media to those in acid media. The assumption is often made that protonation does not affect the order of the methine and methyl resonances with respect to field. While in many instances such an assumption is probably valid, it is not always possible to relate the effects of /? substitution in neutral porphyrins to those in the porphyrin dication.

A. 13 13 OTHER NUCLEI C NMR Spectra of Porphyrins The C nmr spectra of porphyrins have received ever-increasing attention, a circumstance that has resulted primarily from advances in instrumental techniques and equipment. 144 Foremost among these advances is the ready availability of pulsed Fourier transform instruments allowing the determination of 13 C nmr spectra in organic compounds containing 13 C at natural abundance. Significant differences exist between the 13 C and XH magnetic resonance spectra of porphyrins.

58 were the first to investigate the concentration dependence of free-base coproporphyrin spectra. Later Janson and Katz 1 0 0 extended these investigations to the mesoporphyrin IX, protoporphyrin IX, and deuteroporphyrin IX dimethyl esters. Not only did it become apparent that changes in concentration could result in considerable changes in chemical shifts, but protons could become nonequivalent. A good example is the spectrum of mesoporphyrin IX dimethyl ester. 091 M) they comprise a 1:2:1 triplet.

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