By Marie-France Hirigoyen

ISBN-10: 2709636719

ISBN-13: 9782709636711

L. a. manipulation fait partie de l. a. vie, ce qui fait los angeles différence, c'est l'intentionnalité. Mais remark repérer les premiers signes d'un abus de faiblesse ? Personnes âgées, enfants, adultes en état de sujétion psychologique : où start l'influence normale et saine, où begin los angeles manipulation ? En se fondant sur son expérience clinique, Marie-France Hirigoyen interroge l. a. suggestion de consentement et les dérives des comportements. Une quête aussi précise qu'inspirée, qui révèle que le statut de victime n'est pas irréversible.

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If there was a time when Lacan was writing that many were able to return to Freud with fresh eyes then his theoretical work functioned in the vein of a good interpretation. It is productive. Good interpretations for Lacan have something to do with putting into relief the place of absence, what escapes, which makes room for the passions of a subject. Eros is beyond the structure of narcissism, not its equivalent. I’ve been asked many times by students and psychoanalysts why Lacan insists on the question of lack and absence, as opposed to say the good breast or the ego.

There is an intention of the whole, but it is not this whole but the work done in that direction which makes up the moments of understanding. He displaces the final aim as, perhaps, a necessary fantasy. In this kind of work, the FAT I G U E A N D H A S T E 19 whole, this end, can become an untruth that does not thereby render the work false. If anything, it gives it its truth all the more: Hegel makes himself inaccessible to anyone who is not familiar with his overall intention … . At every point one must bear in mind, however provisionally, what Hegel is after; one must illuminate him from behind, so to speak … .

Freud’s questioning and search for his own authority can be seen in almost every dream—his nightmare of his work as a mausoleum of shit, and the wish for the better cure, Irma’s injection. The question of authority paralyzes him. Through Freud’s developing transference to Fliess we can see the elaboration of this paralysis into a terrifying desire to push further. Rome, travel, discovery, and dreams. In the beginning, perhaps you only need one person who listens, or even that you imagine listens, to elaborate on an unknown terror, and, to encounter the field that emanates the orders of inhibition.

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