By Andrew Gulliford

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Boys destined for the ministry, their father's firm or a clerk's office stayed in school longer and learned academic and business skills. Although education was far from standardized and teaching methods differed widely, the consensus was that teachers who spared the rod would spoil the child. Children from poor families, on the other hand, were encouraged from an early age to make their own way in life. Opportunities for them to learn to read or write were haphazard or nonexistent. Teachers in colonial schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic only as secondary elements; the primary focus was on Scripture, biblical teachings and rudimentary Latin.

Copyright 1972; James Rooneyquoted material from Journey from Ignorant Ridge; Raymond's PrintingEarly McCoy, by Clark C. and Margaret Ewing. Thanks are due Eugenia Marchello and typists Mary Ellison, Debbie Page 17 Fritzlan, Pat Havens and Clara Straight. I am also indebted to my loving wife, Stephanie Moran, for her patience, understanding and eagerness to travel throughout remote areas of the United States while I photographed and researched country schools. A last acknowledgment is due Diane Maddex, editor, and Gretchen Smith, associate editor, of the Preservation Press.

In the interest of efficiency, education became compartmentalized. Throughout the United States, civic leaders and educators jumped on the bandwagon to save rural students from their own schools. State school superintendents provided architectural plans for the "model" rural schools, but the real goal was to make them miniature duplicates of their urban counterparts. One of the best spokesmen for the consolidation movement was N. C. MacDonald, a rural school specialist and state school superintendent for North Dakota.

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